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Roger Federer Reveals His Two Tennis Idols

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After the US Open exit, Federer will now be seen in action during the Lavers Cup. Team Europe will see greats like Federer and Nadal play alongside each other.

The Swiss maestro has completed over 2 decades of playing professional tennis and even at 38 retirement is not on his mind.

“Today they [questions about retirement] don’t affect me,” he said in an interview with Gazetta dello Sport.

“I think it was weirder ten years ago. I had just won Roland Garros and was already asking about the withdrawal.

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“And I said, ‘What? I’m only 28!”

“I thought I would play at least up to 32-33 years old… And it went like this for the following years.

Now it seems that in every interview they have to ask me this question.

[That’s] Because it could be that at that very moment I decide to announce it.

Journalists hope for us. But I don’t even know it, really.”

Federer also said his tennis idols when growing up were Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg.


“In the past I dreamed of meeting Peter Sampras or Stefan Edberg.”

But it wasn’t just figures in tennis that Federer admired.

“At the time I dreamed of meeting my sporting idols, like Michael Jordan,” he added.

“I met the Pope in Rome, it was crazy.

“I would have liked to meet Nelson Mandela, he was really a great man.”

When talking about Team Europe, Federer also commented on his teammate and another legend Rafael Nadal. He opted out of taking a rest and decided to play the Lavers Cup.

“He couldn’t be more pumped up for this event,”

“He just won the US Open. It would have been so easy for him to say, ‘Look, I need a break.’

“But he said, ‘No, my break’s coming afterwards. I push it all aside, and I’m doing this because I really believe in the concept of the Laver Cup. And I believe in you guys.’”