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Nidahas Trophy 2018: Twitter Erupts Over Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Match

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Yesterday twitter went on fire when Bangladesh and Sri Lanka locked horns in a virtual semi-final of the ongoing Nidahas Trophy. A place in the tournament final was at stake to join India, who had already qualified.

And what a game it turned out to be. Srilanka started off disastrously, as Shakib Al Hasan the Bangladesh captain and Mustafizur Brahman wreck havoc and put Srilanka on 34-5. Srilanka losing their key batsmen Kushal Mendis early around whom their batting revolves and things started looking downwards as far fortunes for Srilanka are concerned.

Just then, Kushal Perera, the other exceptional Srilankan batting talent was joined by the exciting Thisara Perera and the duo put on a terrific recovery act of a partnership. The Bangladeshi bowlers can be blamed for their poor lines and lengths after a great start, but that doesn’t take the sheen off from the two batsmen’s efforts. Kushal Perera got 61 and Thisara got a quick 58 to ensure Srilanka recovered from 34-5 and ended up with 159. A respectable target for the occasion. Bangladesh were the favorites, though.

And it turned out that way, Tamim Iqbal and Mashrafe Mortaza got a partnership going and took to a stage where Mahmudullah and Shakib Al Hasan can go hammer and tonk and that’s exactly what happened.

Mahmudullah took it to the last over, but that’s when the moment that erupted everything and everyone happened. Mustafizur Rehman who was facing the first ball of the over received a bouncer from Isuru Udana and Fizz hit and missed it and there was a referral for the edge but in that time the leg umpire who signalled the one bouncer of the over wasn’t seen by the umpire at the bowler’s end and didn’t signal for it. Accordingly, the umpire didn’t tell the bowler about it.

Isuru then unaware that he can’t bowl another bouncer for the over, bowled exactly that the next ball and now, the square leg umpire called it a no ball. And the umpire at the bowler’s end was caught off guard as he hadn’t gauged the bouncer earlier on.

Srilanka was right in assuming that they have enough in the quota of bouncers for the over and Bangladesh was right in expressing their disagreement about it. It was the umpire’s mistake that triggered a fire of anger from the Bangladeshi team as the stakes were higher for the game. Shakib Al Hasan the Bangladesh captain, threatened to take his team back from the game in the final over and walk off.The umpire’s tried to control the proceedings but much had already happened.

Thankfully, Mahmudullah who kept his calm was able to convince Shakib to stay on and try & achieve the target. Which he did singlehandedly of the fifth ball of the over he flicked the 6 runs that were needed and finished the game.

While shaking the hands, a few of Bangladesh as well as Srilankan players were involved in an altercation and were quickly separated.

Twitter took no time in digging into it. And let their disappointment clear about some of the embarrassing behavior.