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Is Mohamed Salah the nicest football player ever?

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Mohammed Salah is one of the most popular football players on the planet, but he is probably also one of the nicest players.

The Liverpool superstar, who lifted the Champions League and scored 27 goals last season has been in impeccable form in the new campaign as well. He has already netted 3 goals in the 3 games that the Reds so far and is looking like a contender to win the Golden Boot in this campaign.

However, the Egyptian is also is the news for his humanitarian works and his humble demeanor. He recently donated 3.4 million dollars to the Egyptian Cancer Institute, which was destroyed in a fire a couple of weeks back. The fire also cost the lives of 20 people, but with Salah’s help the rebuilding process has already began.

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Last week, Salah made the news once again when he stopped to check and click pictures with a young Liverpool fan who was chasing his car. The youngster, Luis Fowler crashed with a pole and broke his nose and Salah got off his car to check up with the kid and make sure he was okay.

Joe Cooper, Luis’s stepfather later revealed,” The kids were screaming with excitement as he got out of the car and Isaac went into hysterics and hugged him. Mo was very apologetic and caring and was really compassionate towards the boys and made them feel so much better.”

Loved all over the world, Salah is also often called The Egyptian King and the 27-year-old rightly deserves that title. Football could do with a few more guys like him, for sure!