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Here’s the Full schedule of India’s Home Season 2019-20


The BCCI released India’s Home Schedule on Monday. This time around the fans would be looking for more action in the upcoming home season. 5 teams will be visiting, which will take on the Indian team.

Indian Cricket Team just played few ODI matches in 2018 home season against West Indies. This promises to be a cracking season with top quality teams visiting India.

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Indian Cricket Team (BCCI)
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The season begins with Freedom series with South Africa which includes 3 T20I and 3 Test matches starting in September and finishing in October. The 3 Test matches would be part of Test championship.

Bangladesh will tour India for 3 T20I and 2 Test matches. The series begins from November 3rd to November 26th. The test series would be a part of World Test Championship.

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Test Match BCCI

After that West Indies will tour India for 3 T20I and 3 ODI matches that begin from 6th December till 22nd December.

In 2020, Zimbabwe will tour India for 3 T20I matches. It starts on 5th January and finishes on 10th January. A blockbuster series between Australia and India will take place which includes only 3 ODI matches. It starts from 14th January till 19th January 2020.

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South Africa will again visit India again for 3 ODI matches from 12th March till 18th March 2020.

India’s home season (2019-20) released by BCCI

South Africa tour of India

1st T20I (15th September)- Dharamshala

2nd T20I (18th September)- Mohali

3rd T20I (22nd September)- Bangalore

1st Test (2nd-6th October)- Vizag

2nd Test (10th-14th October)- Ranchi

3rd Test (19th– 23rd October)- Pune

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Bangladesh tour of India

1st T20I (3rd November)- Delhi

2nd T20I (7th November)- Rajkot

3rd T20I (10th November)- Nagpur

1st Test (14th– 18th November)- Indore

2nd Test (22nd-26th November)- Kolkata

West Indies tour of India

1st T20 (6th December)- Mumbai

2nd T20I (8th December)- Thiruvananthapuram

3rd T20I (11th December)- Hyderabad

1st ODI (15th December)- Chennai

2nd ODI (18th December)- Vizag

3rd ODI (22nd December)- Cuttack

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Zimbabwe tour of India

1st T20I (5th January 2020)- Guwahati

2nd T20I (7th January 2020)- Indore

3rd T20I (10th January 2020)- Pune

Australia tour of India

1st ODI (14th January)- Mumbai

2nd ODI (17th January)- Rajkot

3rd ODI (19th January)- Bangalore.

South Africa tour of India

1st ODI (12th March)- Dharamshala

2nd ODI (15th March)- Lucknow

3rd ODI (18th March)- Kolkata



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