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England Introduces A Phone Ban For Players And Staff On World Cup Matchdays

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England has imposed a phone ban on all their 31 players and support staff. This ban is applicable only on World Cup matchdays. This comes amid the Wales betting scandal that certainly shook the entire world.

The players, coaches and backroom staff were given a 20-minute presentation highlighting the plight of Phil Blake. The former Leicester defence coach who was given a six-month ban in 2014 for breaching the RFU’s betting rules.

Cricket also follows a similar rule. Prior to any international match, the players are required to hand their phones in and they do not get them back until the end. This is done in order to curb spot-fixing.

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“All the stipulations were set out very, very clearly, I know it gets done at the clubs and the RPA [Rugby Players’ Association] are actively involved in it so there is real clarity around it,” Hatley said.

“I was a little bit surprised but it’s all very clear, it’s made clear before we arrived and it was made clear two days ago. It’s a real [warning] for everyone at the tournament. A real live reminder” said, England’s assistant coach Neal Hatley.